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Maui Magilla Glue by Alt Sol - Takoma Wellness Center

With a highly floral nose and a magnificent heady buzz, this Maui Magilla Glue cultivated by Alternative Solutions and available at Takoma Wellness Center, is definitely some bud you should feast your eyes upon while it lasts. Take note, however, that this is medical marijuana and you'll need a medical card or recommendation from some state or DC to obtain it. Once you do, get ready to be taken away on a Hawaiian themed voyage of the mind and body.


A sativa leaning cross of Hawaiian Dream, Guptilla Kush, and GG#4 that runs roughly 60/40, she induced some amazing creative energy while also quelling my musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal pain. I'm typically a big fan of Gorilla Glue crosses that lean sativa or 50/50, and this one quickly moved near the top of that list. Other strains on the list you ask?: Super Silver Glue, Glue Dream, Amnesia Glue and Gorilla Cookies.


The amazing nose of this "Gluey" hybrid is hard to place, but inextricably tropical to me. There are hues like a bouquet of exotic flowers and what I want to say are fresh bananas. In flavor, all of the aroma passes through in an effervescent form when packed in a bowl, but there are some sour and almost citrusy notes on the exhale as well. If you roll a joint, you'll get much more of a Gorilla Glue-like toke, yet still with that tropical, floral influence. Overall, this batch of gorgeous buds is some phenomenal smoke, even by Hawaiian standards.


If you're curious, the name Magilla harkens to the Hanna-Barbera cartoon show of the 1960's called The Magilla Gorilla Show. In it the star, a gorilla partially dressed in snazzy clothes, was continuously broken out of his pet store habitat for mischief only to be returned shortly for a refund. Similarly, this bud is ready to be broken out and could inspire some playful mischief in the right/wrong hands given its sativa stance. One key difference, though, is that we're very confident you won't be returning any of THIS "Magilla".

For some epic Alt Sol Maui Magilla Glue to fill your own coffers just head on over to DC medical dispensary Takoma Wellness Center ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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