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*****Miracle Alien Cookies X1 (aka MAC1) - Top Secret DC*****

Once again, Top Secret DC coming through with some absolutely phenomenal tree. This time the batch is Miracle Alien Cookies X1, more commonly known as MAC1. She's an evenly balanced Hybrid (50% Indica / 50% Sativa) with a mouthwateringly complex aroma and flavor profile. I absolutely love this flower!

In terms of cultivation, this is top of the line. Clearly an expert level, 5-star job. It's cured to perfection and the coloration, along with the incredible amount of trichomes, indicates everything from genetics to nutrient management was impeccable. In fact, given that the trichomation is so heavy there are what look like pillowy overhangs of snow, I'd say there was CO2 enrichment used in the room. What that means is that compressed CO2 canisters were deployed to improve CO2 uptake by the growing plants allowing for greater size and substantially more trichome production.

The smell and flavor of this flower is SO delicious. The aroma is sweet, smooth, and creamy and these notes are mega amplified in the flavor profile which finishes with a touch of cookie/cake. It's actually kind of hard to place the flavor. In discussions with others many

agreed that it greatly resembled the sugary milk left over in the bottom of a bowl of cereal. However, there was much disagreement over what type of cereal. In the end Lucky Charms seemed to be the consensus. Perhaps the more interesting takeaway was that we were all stoned enough to have an involved discussion about cereal milk for the better part of an hour.

Overall, you have to try this bud. It's truly great. I could sit here and tell you more and more about how awesome it is, but that would just keep you reading longer and me from sparking my next J of it. Instead, give Top Secret DC a shout and check it out for yourself. Might be a miracle if there's any left after the weekend!


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