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Motordrip by Magnolia Pharms - MASC

Strain: Motordrip

​Service: MASC

​Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts:

After the wonderful experience I had with the Magnolia Pharms DS11 recently I was stoked to see more of their jars at DC recreational storefront MASC. This Motordrip stuck out to me as I've been on the hunt for something super gassy to add to my stash for the upcoming snowboarding season. As soon as I cracked open the jar I knew I had chosen wisely - I was inundated with an aroma that was so gassy you might think it was grown at a truck stop. Or, even a pit stop at a Formula 1 race. After all, it is quite the fancy specimen.


Bright lime green with heavy trichomes (mostly starry) and burnt orange hairs.


Fluffy, fat, and flaky. Crisp on the outer edges, but dense and sticky on the inside still. Rolls really nice and leaves a bunch of gritty kief behind.


Fresh, but beginning to cure.



Gassy, diesel fuel with hints of pine and skunk.


Straight gas with hints of pine, skunk, and sour fruit. The flavor is very close to the aroma on this one.


It's unclear what the exact lineage is, but my assumption is that this is Motorbreath (Chem Dawg x SFV OG) crossed with The Drip (Gushers x Blow Pops). This would clearly explain the name and to me it has the gassiness of the Motorbreath plus the structure and coloration of a great batch of Gushers.



Extremely potent and cerebral at onset with heavy euphoria and spellbound disorientation afterwards. Don't be fooled by the tinge of uplifting energy at exhale - this is a stoning creeper that's phenomenal for relaxation and recuperation. Best for evening or getting rest any time you need it.


After being on my feet almost the entire day on Thursday and chasing after a toddler on Friday, I definitely needed some R & R time today (Saturday) and this was the perfect strain to do it. Plus, I was super glad to have the gassy, fuel-filled flavor I had been seeking for a while - it was difficult not to roll up joint after joint of this just given the flavor alone. All around a fantastic toke that was perfectly timed for my weekend needs. Head to DC storefront MASC today to grab some of this Motordrip for yourself.

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