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New Jack Silky - DC Dash

This sh*t's so fire I was speechless. When I found my words again, I very quickly dropped everything I was doing and grabbed my bong so I could start the review process for this incredible specimen immediately. Going by the name of New Jack Silky, if you hurry you can get a slice for yourself from our friends over at DC i-71 service, DC Dash.


It's likely that this - at least the genetics anyways - are from a collective called Mount Burnin Farms who's known for their spectacular (and super rare) designer strains often found in/near the Bay Area in CA. Their Silky Gelato has been making its way around circles since at least the beginning of this year and I've heard it's a cross of famed In-House Genetics "Silky Johnson" and some primo Gelato #33. If that's true then perhaps this New Jack Silky is actually that bred with "New Jack City", the old school sativa leaning crossbreed of powerhouses Jack Herer, Blueberry, and X18. Regardless, someone put a whole lot of thought, time, and energy into making just the pheno itself.


Of course, a TON of TLC went into the cultivation of this batch as well. You don't get trichome coverage this rich solely from genetics, you have to really roll up your sleeves, put on your horticulture hat, and go full nerd to get a harvest of this caliber. I'd bet there were aeroponics, CO2, and top-shelf nutrient supplements involved at a minimum. The flush and cure are also exemplary of near perfection which is extremely evident in the epically rich and mouthwatering flavor you'll experience upon exhale.


As far as Gelato infused pheno's go, this is my favorite aroma and flavor profile so far. There are sweet, creamy wafts of the traditional Gelato hues, but where this one goes above and beyond is with the over-pronouncement of it's skunky, gassy, and cake-like aspects. When I say "cake" I'm referencing a particular flavor from cultivars like Cake Mix, London Pound Cake, and Wedding Cake. While hard to put your finger on it, these types exude a flavor profile similar to that of a shortbread cookie or angel food cake - simply delicious!


Unlike many of the Gelato's I see aging in my friends' jars, this is still fresh and so tantalizing that it's definitely not going to last long. To get your hands on some of your own just hit up DC Dash today! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you and check out our deals page for a 15% off promo code!

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