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Orange Zkittles - District Derp

The zesty citrus nose on this batch of Orange Zkittles from DC i-71 pup art deliverers, District Derp, is just too delicious to pass up. A cross of the obvious Zkittles and the non-so-obvious, citrus super star, Agent Orange, this cultivar runs precisely 50/50 on the indica/sativa spectrum and has been known to often exceed 25% THC in testing.


It's the kind of brittle, but sticky buds that may not be 15 shades of purple, but are extremely potent nonetheless. It's structure also means it breaks up perfectly for rolling or packing in the bowl. For me the flavor rich orange zest experience resonates best in the bong because it allows me to chill the air and smooth the already smooth toke that much more.


Note that Derp actually goes the extra bit and seals their mylar packs. This benefit is two fold, with freshness retained and odor contained. With mylar packs, if it's not heat sealed, you may think you've wrangled the smell, but you haven't.


Case in point, after breaking the seal on this pack I closed it and left my place for a little while. When I came back the whole house smelled as if I lived in some sort of enchanted orchard. If they're serving up citrus forward and terpene rich buds like these in aforementioned orchard, I'd live there happily ever after.


For your own Orange Zkittles fairytale adventure, just hit up District Derp and setup a delivery ASAP. Don't forget to use promo code "DERPTOKERSGUIDE" to get 10% off your pup art order!

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