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Oreo - Buddha Buddy DC

Given Buddha Buddy's continuing commitment to quality flower gifts - which come in slender, but durable, glass jars - we were excited to check out this new batch of Oreo. It's a cross of Cookies & Cream and Secret Weapon and its flavor profile, while not really like an Oreo cookie, is quite nutty with little hints of chocolate - very delicious!

Other batches of Oreo (or Oreoz) we've seen around town in recent times have been a little "longer in the tooth" and more cured (or with high oxidation levels). These buds are still starry with trichomes retaining a fresh stance and covering the sizable, mature bracts. Also note the coloration, with greens that further indicate freshness and hues of deep, almost black, blues and purples.

You would be correct to surmise that this batch was cultivated at or near the highest level of care and nutrients. We love it for it's innate ability to absolutely stone us, but in a way that's so enticingly delicious we can't stop rolling it up. With buds of this quality, though, if you are going to roll a joint we recommend completely natural and organic GUD papers for the job. After all, why smoke great, natural bud like this in a crappy paper?

So hit up highly reputable and super friendly DC i-71 service Buddha Buddy ASAP and grab some of this awesome Oreo flower for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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