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Paloma Vol. 3 by Don Merfos - Cheeba DC

Recreational storefront Cheeba DC is bringing the designer exotic fire once again with this fruity, zingy batch of Paloma Volume 3 bred by the legendary Don Merfos. Styled to be even more like the citrusy sweet tequila drink it's named for, this volume has the candy aspect of the flavor amped up further than prior volumes. Maybe it's meant to resemble a Paloma with candied sugar on the rim instead of salt? 😋


It's an indica leaning hybrid that has a veil of secrecy over its genetics, but it's easy to see why this is the case with not only a delicious flavor, but spectacular effects as well. Wouldn't you withhold its makings too? The euphoria this one brings is basically like warm sunshine on your back - the kind that gives you a fuzzy glowing feeling when you first hit the lounge chair after a dip in a resort-side pool.


It's mellow, but not too drowsy, and has a slightly heady skew to it that makes socializing and chill activities seem even more enjoyable. Certainly one to take with you on vacation, we give this one two thumbs way up and a proper cheers, or should we say...¡Salud!


To grab this new Paloma cut in its artfully shaped pack, with a can pictured on the front and a crazy cocktail imagined on the back, just head over to Cheeba DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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