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Papaya - Top Secret DC

There's weed that smells specifically like the particular fruit for which it's named, and then there's weed that smells better than the fruit for which it's named. This Papaya strain from Top Secret DC falls into the latter category in my opinion. It certainly smells LIKE papaya. The truth is, however, I don't really like the actual smell of papaya the fruit that much. It's a little skunky and I don't really want that in my fruit. Personally, there are just other fruits that I would prefer given the choice. When it comes to weed, on the other hand, I definitely like skunky. A lot. I also like fruity. A lot. Combine the two and turn the aroma volume up to maximum and you have this batch of Papaya. It's insanely fruity - and i'm totally into it!

From appearances alone the buds are immediately eye-grabbing and will stand out in a pack of other samples. It's the mega bright green and insane amount of trichome coverage that makes any cannabis fan give pause and say "Oooh, what's that one!" Then, of course, as soon as you take it out of the bag, BOOM there's that knock your socks off fruity aroma.

In structure and cure, the utmost professionalism is abundantly apparent. It snaps sharply, but while brittle to the touch on the edges, it's still highly sticky through the center. Breaking it up by hand you'll experience the "good" problem of having dry kief from the outer parts sticking to your fingers from the fresher, stickier trichomes on the inner parts. Get the grinder out!

Ripping a tube of Papaya is the way to go for sure. The funky fruitiness shines all the way through. You'll also find joints mega mouthwatering, but give it a little time to breath after you break it up and before you roll to ensure you don't get a clogged pull from the overt stickiness.

Hailing from famed Nirvana Seeds - it's their 25th anniversary year btw (what a year to have that) - Papaya is a cross of Citral #13 and Ice #2. It is highly indica heavy and known for its sedative effects, but the "feels" are also obviously alive with this batch as euphoria dominates and you'll find the tingles rushing around your body fluidly. I would say nighttime is probably the best timeframe for her use, however, one could make a strong case for post strenuous exercise as well.

If you're looking to fill your coffers with something of exceptionally exotic fruity flavor and aroma, something that will completely dominate the smell of everything else in your stash jar to the point where you finally just put it in it's own jar because everything else started to taste like it...this is that something.

Hit up Top Secret DC today and get your hands on some Papaya before it's sold out!


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