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Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake - Joint Delivery

STOP the presses! This one's a scoop. An exclusive that is. You heard it here first folks, tomorrow the infamous JD Flowers by Joint Delivery will release some of the most epic cannabis flower gifts this side of the Mississippi: Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake.

At Toker's Guide we've been granted backstage access to this star so you can check her out for yourselves - and all before she's even remotely available to the general public's eyes. What's that? You only want weed so loud you can hear its smell from across the room? Well you're in luck. From afar - debatable about just how many miles away - it's got animal lovers feeling sorry for the skunk that someone must have recently ran over nearby. Up close, it's creamy, buttery, delectably chronic weed.

A cross of the mouth-watering Peanut Butter Breath, an evenly balanced hybrid and combination of Dosidos and Mendo Breath, with indica dominant Ice Cream Cake, this bud certainly has all the flavor you could want and then some. It's been exquisitely manicured as is obvious from the immaculately starry smathering of trichomes throughout along with a pleasantly crispy texture. When you break it up, if you look close, you can see little explosions of kief sent flying through the air as each stem snaps under your fingers.

The coloration is an additional area of note with this specimen. The purple and blueish hues along with a remarkably pale green create a stark contrast accentuated by the aforementioned starry twinkles (apparently twinklyness isn't a word - but should be!). This batch is truly a connoisseur's dream.

Tomorrow, when Joint Delivery officially launches this strain, you might need to hit them up a little early to secure your place in line. But, I promise it'll all be worth it once you have the chance to sample these phenomenal JD flowers for yourself!

PS: for $10 off use promo code: "TokersGuide"


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