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Pennywise - High There DC

Strain: Pennywise

​Service: High There DC

​Service Type: DC Recreational Delivery

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

​Lean: 70/30 Indica Heavy Hybrid

Initial Thoughts:

After learning about this Pennywise strain from DC recreational cannabis delivery service High There DC, I was psyched to give it a try and experience the high CBD content with what are typically more moderate THC levels. Upon opening the bag, I was greeted with a beautiful specimen of a sun grown flower and heavy gas fumes.



The buds are fresh, but darker green and the hairs are mostly red. Trichomes are still twinkly.


Round, compact, and dense. Crisp and breaks up easily in a flaking manner. Sticky on the inside.


Fresh, but beginning to cure.



Super gassy with notes of pine, sweet cream, chocolate, and caramel.


Similar to the aroma, it was piney and much like diesel gas fumes, but with more skunk. The sweeter notes emerged on the aftertaste.


Sharing the same name as the clown from the classic Stephen King novel It, Pennywise is a hybrid cross of Harlequin and Jack the Ripper that runs indica dominant at around 70/30.



Filled with a tremendously soothing sense of calm I felt especially medicated from this batch. There's something to be said about sun grown flower and the seemingly more complete, more inundating entourage effects that it can render. I had not a single ache nor pain to speak of and I would describe my overall disposition as tingly, mellow, and gleeful.


I've been nursing a muscle injury in my calf recently and other varietals have mostly failed to effect anything other than my usual ailments. However, this Pennywise was able to address all soreness associated with the healing injury and create a delightful feeling to drift off to sleep with as well. To give Pennywise a try for yourself just hit up High There DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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