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Purple Afghani - High There DC

Ben from Kannabus here and I'm back with another offering from recreational (i-71) delivery service High There DC. This Purple Afghan Kush, as the name implies, hails from the mountains of Afghanistan and is a phenotype that has been selected for its purple coloration for eons. This is the cannabis of folklore, used in the time-honored tradition of hash making throughout the Middle East. To perfect the qualities that make it so great for said purposes the master growers stabilized the best genes by repeatedly breeding them over and over ultimately creating a strain that is considered by many to be the premier cannabinoid producer of the Afghan region.


This potent indica dominant strain runs roughly 75/25 on the indica/sativa ratio and can induce some amazing euphoria while instilling a palpable state of calm. After smoking a large joint, or "phatty" as we used to say back in the day, of this "chronic" flower I was super buzzed and overtly relaxed in mind and body. However, I did feel some creative urges in my headspace, and more sedentary activities felt good to me. While mostly better for evening, I also enjoyed the mellow, almost mystic qualities of the high during daylight hours as well.


The aromatic profile is spicy and earthy with a little cheese funk that hits your nose in a delightful way. I think cheesy smelling cannabis is awesome and have always had an odd attraction to something that smells a bit like funky cheddar. You might even say it's pleasantly offensive. Sniff the grinder after you're done giving it some rotations and I think you will agree that this flower’s spicy cheesiness is complex, delicious, and conversation worthy. Maybe even over a nice glass of vino or two.


Overall this is one of those indica batches that I wouldn’t mind getting again and again just to keep it in stock for those laidback moments. Give High There DC a shout for some Purple Afghan Kush of your own and be sure to tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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