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Purple Punch by gLeaf - Cannabist, Carytown (VA Medical)

Strain: Purple Punch

Market: VA Medical Cannabis

Overall Rating: 8.6/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

Everyone has their Top 5 strains that when they see them, they have to pick them up. Purple Punch is on that list for me, so when I saw it at Cannabist in Carytown (Richmond, VA area) it went into my cart immediately. This was actually my first trip to Cannabist and everything about it was great from the parking in the back to the abundance of budtenders ready to help the patients coming in. I was in, grabbed these beautiful purple buds, and rolled out in only about 5 minutes. Once I cracked it open I was pleasantly surprised that this batch came through the VA medical program given just how sexy the buds were.🤩 Good job VA!



These purple zebra-striped buds are hiding in a layer of trichomes that burst off and leave a plethora of dusty kief on the tray when you work them. Bright orange pistils bunch up in groups throughout the buds, and breaking them open reveals a light green trichome covered inside.


Dense and uniform.


Curing, but there are still starry and white trichomes in abundance.



Smells like sweet grapes with hints of cream and earth.


Very similar to the aroma. Surprisingly smooth toking.


Purple Punch is the genetic offspring of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG. It pulls ideal traits from these two legendary strains and, accordingly, leans heavily indica dominant.



After burning a good sized joint in the late evening I began having spurts of happiness and creativity. My mind slowly wandered through this joy land as the heady effects continued to kick in stronger and stronger. My mind was sharp and focused, but only on the task at hand. My extremities slowly became more relaxed as a heavy wave of euphoria washed over my body. After some time, I began getting sleepy and was able to relax into a dazed state until my eyes slowly shut.


Recently, I feel like I've been spoiled by beautiful purple buds but this gLeaf cultivated Purple Punch tops the charts. The effects are exactly what I look for in an indica dominant strain and smoking it again has only solidified it in my aforementioned Top Five. Be sure to stop in to Cannabist in Carytown for some Purple Punch before they run out - you don't want to miss this one. Be sure to tell them Toker’s Guide sent you when you stop by!


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