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Purple Sherbert - The Gift Givers

Strain: Purple Sherbert

​Service: The Gift Givers

​Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Check out this Purple Sherbert specimen from the always cordial and customer-service oriented DC cannabis delivery service, The Gift Givers. It's fresh, has a mega gassy and funky nose, and it's ready to get you (and me) stoned all afternoon long.



Bright green, fluffy buds with starry trichomes and flecks of violet.


Beginning to cure and not too long since harvest.


Sweet and sour fruit with notes of cream and gasoline.



Fruity, funky, and gassy with hints of cream. The aftertaste is especially delicious.


Purple Sherbert is an indica dominant cross of Purple Kush and Sunset Sherbert that's known for its astounding delectability.


This is a strain that can easily and instantly wash all stress away and generate a heady high that is mega calming and full of relaxation. It literally made me want to say, "Ahhhh" after hitting it and every time I sat down while experiencing its cozy, euphoric buzz.



Great for chilling out in the afternoon with friends (note it has an uncanny social comfort level for an indica heavy hybrid) or streaming some shows in the evening, this is a real treat for indica lovers and all those looking for some R & R. To have it brought to you quickly and with a smiling face just hit up The Gift Givers ASAP and let them know you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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