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Rainbow Pebblez - Voyager Club

Strain: Rainbow Pebblez

​Service: Voyager Club

​Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 9/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant


Initial Thoughts

With incredible packaging and gorgeous harvests, I've been aware of local DC cultivator and box purveyor, Voyager Club, for some time now. However, their desire has been to remain mostly low key and low profile - and we respect that. Yet, with things beginning to move even more, shall we say, "into the light" with the upcoming conversion period in DC upon us (from i-71 to medical), local cultivators like Voyager Club have been more open to having their presence known about - and we love that!❤️

Why, you ask? Because, this is a local group that has put a ton of time and care into all aspects of their cannabis and we think it really shows. Therefore, we've been eager to show it to you, but we didn't want to do it without their permission. So now, without further adieu, check out this spectacular Rainbow Pebblez specimen. Let's just say my "initial thoughts" on it were something like, "Oh, f**K yeah!"



Bright green, fluffy buds with a heavy amount of starry trichomes and flecks of light purple at the top.


Fresh and just starting to cure.


Note that these buds are hand-trimmed and grown without pesticides so their color, shape, and texture are all a little different that what you might see at other shops. They're also never compressed in storage so they remain fluffy with structure intact.



A vibrant and effervescent combination of anise, lemon, and sweet berries.


Fruit forward with lots of lemon and hints of berries and anise.


Rainbow Pebblez is an indica-dominant cross of Fruity Pebbles OG and Rainbow Zkittlez.


This batch hits smooth and with a fruitiness that overtakes every orifice. Like a haze, it goes straight to your head and starts to envelop your cortex with its fruitiness too. Then, hold on to your hats because a whirlwind body buzz churns up rendering motor functions nearly useless. Slightly uplifting and without much sedation, I was bleary-eyed stoned and pain free. Note that the disorientation makes any major to-do items tricky, however.



This is some impressive eye candy with an absolutely delicious fruity aroma and flavor. Though I would have liked to see some more robust bracts and a tighter trim, there's no questioning that this flower is top tier, highly potent, and worthy of the 9/10 score. It's also fresh and grown locally in small batches which makes for that much better of an experience.

To join the Voyager Club and start catching these gorgeous boxes of buds for yourself just head to their site and hit "apply for membership". Once approved you'll be able to login and place your order for delivery. When you do be sure to let them know that Toker's Guide sent you!

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