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Rainbowlato - Elevated Lounge DC

If you want to taste a rainbow of exotically delicious flavors that will thrill even the most refined cannabis connoisseurs, look no further than this Rainbowlato from DC i-71 storefront, Elevated Lounge.


Also known as Rainbow Gelato, this strain is a three-way cross of Thin Mint GSC, Sunset Sherbert (both of the Cookies Fam genetics), and OG kush. Quite simply, it's the definition of highly potent cannabis. We don't know what the actual THC levels are, but after we ripped it down, let's just say we didn't really care about things like numbers anymore.

I, for one, kept on catching myself daydreaming about snowboarding in some high alpine glades. The powder whisking by, the winter sun shining down, and little rainbows shooting off from plumes of snow as they hit the air. This was a great mental vacation, but in a surprise twist, everything in this snowscape seemed to have an intoxicatingly delicious aroma of great weed. The mega pungent gelato smell from this batch had even invaded my dreams!


Running more indica than its only slightly indica relative Gelato, this Rainbowlato won't have you physically searching for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But, the euphoric feels and mental tranquility will have you "over the rainbow" with a smile on your face in no time. Just head on over to Elevated Lounge DC today to grab some for your own supply.

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