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Rock Creek Fruit Punch - MASC

If you're not familiar with the Metropolitan Art and Sculpture Collaboration, or MASC for short, they're a DC recreational (i-71) storefront where you can purchase works of art and receive amazing cannabis gifts. In the case of our most recent gifting experience with them, we were handed this mega fruit forward Rock Creek Fruit Punch cultivated by a crew named "Terp Lords". We're not sure how local this is given DC's own Rock Creek, but it seemed pretty fresh and the nose was so funky we just had to burn it down right away. 😤


Typically a cross of Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights, Fruit Punch runs sativa dominant at something like 70/30. However, there's a good chance that what's making this batch entirely purple is the breeding of Tropicana Cookies into the mix. Maybe that's what makes it "Rock Creek". Whatever the lineage, consensus among the Toker Team is that we agree with the sativa stance - it's energetic and hits the dome in the same way that many great sativas would.

With an aroma and flavor that is like a bowl full of citrus fruits, it's a whole lot like Tropicana Cookies, but there's definitely something adding sugary, berry notes as well. Even when I picked up the empty mylar (we burned this whole thing pretty fast) and took a whiff the funky fruity aroma was still so strong it was like the buds never left. Rip this in the bong to be completely engulfed in this olfactory fruit bowl and you'll find yourself with a creative head high that lasts for hours.


So check out DC storefront MASC today and grab a pack of this Rock Creek Fruit Punch for your own collection. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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