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Shiskaberry - Buddha Buddy DC

One of my favorite things about cannabis is how it often has a tendency to create seemingly ridiculous flavor combinations that work in a way that our brains can’t quite grasp from a culinary perspective, but certainly wet the palate of sophisticated cannabis consumers. I only mention this because Buddha Buddy’s Shiskaberry flower gave me this exact experience by pairing gassy notes with what I'd call...berry parfait.


Overwhelmingly, out of the jar, you get wafts of creamy blueberry, strawberry, and guava that give way to pine sol, propane and gassy notes as you grind up the flower. The aroma is like taking the best parts of a berry field, throwing in some tropical fruits, distilling this down into a gaseous form, and then pumping that gas through the creamy caramel section of Willy Wonka’s factory. Once it hits my olfactory system the result becomes strawberry/blueberry fruitiness highlighted, almost accentuated, by the gassy notes. Only the cannabis community could predict that gassy berries would be a desirable flavor profile, but Buddha Buddy was absolutely hip to this palate!


Shishkaberry is a cross of the DJ Short’s Blueberry and an unknown Afghani cultivar that produces crown and conical bud structures with a rich trichome density and a fairly complex high. The complexity of the high is most likely a combination of b-pinene, myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene which not only explain the fruity and gassy aromas, but also the clear-headed and energized high that slowly fades into a perfectly relaxed, but not drowsy, finish.


The initial onset is bright but as my day goes on I can slowly feel my body fill up with a cozy muscle relaxation and a slightly more mellow vibe. I would describe this as the perfect late afternoon toke, enough pinene and limonene to brighten your mood and sharpen your focus for the last bit of activity for the day, followed by enough myrcene and caryophyllene to mellow you out as you begin to unwind. Shishkaberry is a testament to sophisticated cannabis palates everywhere and an essential tool in the daily cannabis users tool box. Give Buddy Buddy a shout ASAP to get some of this awesome cultivar for yourself!

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