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Original OG Kush - DC Teapad

I'm a big fan of OG Kush, and I really enjoyed this latest batch of Original OG Kush from DC Teapad. As usual the aroma and flavor were amazing (as with pretty much every batch from these guys), but this one made me want to make up a new combo word in order to properly describe it: lemonpineyskunktastic.

She's most likely from Chemdawg and Hindu Kush lineage, a cross that has been the centerpiece of numerous West Coast strains, but the myth of the Original O.G. is a long and intriguing tale. There are those who say that the closest you can get to the original OG (which stands for Ocean Grown by the way, not Original Gangster as some would have you believe) is via either Ghost O.G. or San Fernando Valley O.G. To me this seems a lot like the S.F.V. OG, but there's definitely something else that's adding the skunkier smell - at least in my mind...errr nose.

Anyhow, let's not split hairs over strain names. Instead, let's enjoy this beauty for what she can do. With some of the highest average THC levels in the word, this SoCal original packs a punch. The typical OG Kush is around 25:75 sativa/indica ratio, however, this one feels much more balanced to us (that's the Toker's Guide consensus anyways).

In terms of structure, these buds were not main colas and their form reflects that. That said, the trichome coverage and maturity of calyxes indicate it was excellently cared for and the aroma tells me it was well cured.

We'd say this batch is good for pretty much any time of day. Rolled in a joint, it's going to taste extremely piney and skunky. Outside you can probably smell that same joint literally a mile away. In the vape, the lemon flavor came out more at first, then the pine overtook it. In either case, the effects were euphoria, a warm body "glow', and a calm creative headspace.

If you're a fan of OG Kush or if you're interested in checking out this strain we recommend scheduling a delivery with DC Teapad asap!


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