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Sour Gummies - Baghead Boys

Gummies, cookies and, of course, the classic brownie. All popular edible cannabis varieties, all delicious. Edibles are tricky to get right and very easy to get wrong. Between dosing, flavor, food safety and myriad other components, edible creation is an art form all its own.

The Baghead Boys are perhaps the most recognizable top-of-the-line edible brand in the District that delivers a consistent experience. Too often are edible brands either seemingly counterfeit, actually counterfeit, or just plain...gross.

As we mentioned in our Trail Blazers review last week, disguising the cannabis flavor in an edible product is sometimes key in crafting the overall experience. Baghead Boys nearly accomplish this feat by combining their THC extract with these super sour/sweet Sour Patch Kids look-a-likes. No amount of weed flavor (or otherwise) could seemingly outdo the strong, sour taste of the gummy itself. As for that taste? We give Baghead boys a thumbs up - plus extra points for being gluten free and vegan!

As for the effects, I have to say Baghead Boys hit hard and they hit fast. If you’re looking for a quick grab n’ go get high experience, the Baghead Boys will grant you just that. With three different product variations (4x50mg, 4x100mg and 4x200mg) these gummies are great for anyone looking to "right-size" their experience.

My personal favorite way of taking the Baghead Boys is cutting their 100mg gummies into 4 equal pieces for a light 25mg whenever I need that extra umph in my day. I keep them in the fridge and, even when cut up into tiny tic-tac sized bites, they stay fresh and potent for several weeks.

The one potential qualm we have with the Baghead Boys is their infusion method. It’s come to our attention at Toker’s Guide that the Baghead Boys are most likely using a spray-on method for “infusing” the THC into their gummies.

You may be thinking, okay, so what? How is spraying on the THC any different than infusing some sort of oil or extract into a gummy? Well, we're not sure really. It just wouldn't feel the same - sort of already doesn't feel the same - if it's true they went that route. I'm definitely willing to grab a bag of these again, but if the spraying part is true I find it a little disappointing. With a brand that is so forthright about their other ingredients (again, gluten free and vegan), using a cheap "infusion" method would be a step in the wrong direction in my opinion. Can't they just keep it simple? I guess the (quality) small batch guys exist for a reason!

Overall, if you’re looking for a nice, consistently pleasant edible experience, Baghead boys are a widely available option typically in stock at DC I-71 vendors, many of whom you'll find on our lovely Weed Services page.


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