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Space Monkey - Joint Delivery

Good Morning! It's time for a brunch toke session and today I'm taking along this insanely good Space Monkey from Joint Delivery. Space Monkey is a very indica heavy hybrid (85/15) with highly euphoric effects. But wait, keen readers might be asking, why would I want to, effectively, wake and bake with an indica? Well friends, some mornings you just want to relax and be mostly sedentary on the couch. Wether you're hung over (this is an excellent treatment btw) or just in need of some serious rejuvenation after a hectic week (my present scenario), this bud's definitely for you.

With Gorilla Glue #4 and Wookie #15 as parents it's humorous to note the forging of the name implies that if Chewbacca and a gorilla created a wookie/ape hybrid it would be, in fact, a space monkey. The name also (correctly) implies the incredible speed with which this strain can send you hurling into an out of this world high. Expect the couch lock to set in quick with this one and, much like how wookies have been known to tear people's limbs off when they lose, it may render use of your arms and legs futile. In fact, as I write this, it's getting harder and harder to type because the gloriously comfy tingles of a Space Monkey buzz is beginning to overtake me.

In terms of the caliber of this bud, I think the pictures more than speak for themselves. The coloration is a smattering of green and purple hues. The trichomes are perfectly mature and twinkling like little stars under the light above the macro lens. It's quite crisp to the touch and you would think it to be brittle, however it's still retained its resinous stickiness and, therefore, doesn't break up that easily. Face it, you're gonna have it all over your fingers like glue.

The aroma is like that of a Gorilla Glue with, perhaps, a little extra skunky funkiness. In taste, however, things get much more exotic as there are notes of what seems to be similar to a green tea mixed in with the skunk. Interestingly, the complexity of the flavor combined with the unfocused joy of the buzz might make you ponder, trying to place the flavor, for a little too long.

If you want to make it a mellow, healing-oriented kind of day, or if you just want to take a millennium falcon ride to Narnia, this Space Monkey isn't in a galaxy far, far away. In fact, it'll come to you, at near light speed, by setting up a delivery with Joint Delivery today.

PS: Don't forget to use promo code "TokersGuide" for $10 off.


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