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Sunkist - Buddha Buddy DC

With a staggering amount of fresh trichomes and a HUGE orange zest nose typically reserved for the finest Tangie, this batch of Sunkist from DC i-71 service Buddha Buddy is just awesome.


Also known as Sunkissed (or spelled we should say) don't confuse this with the similarly named CBD strain - this one is THC and sativa-heavy. A cross of Platinum Tangie and Arise, you can bet that this is super exotic and super rare. As someone who loves Tangie in flavor and effect, I could happily become personally responsible for making it even more burning it down as much as I can! 😂


The coloration also screams exotic with some portions almost entirely purple and others incorporating more greens. The plant, while growing, probably looked super gnarly with a deep purple center and bright green outer sugar and fan leaves. When you break these buds open the inside is like a geode or cave with starry crystalline trich's everywhere and set against a midnight backdrop.


Her effects are to provide an instant head rush paired with immediate relief - a feeling which then zooms to all extremities seemingly giving energy to every bone and muscle. It's almost as if your whole body rises to meet the day that much more upon exhale. With a creative mind, golden body glow, and huge grin on my face is how I spent the next couple hours after my first Sunkist session. I guess you could say I was kissed by Sunkist and it woke me up a lot, but doesn't that make me like Sleeping Beauty in a way? 🤔


To grab some of this incredible citrus Sunkist fire just hit up Buddha Buddy DC ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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