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Sunset Sherbert & Apple Fritter - Farm To Couch DC

Yet another round of local indoor just came on the gift menu over at DC i-71 delivery pros Farm To Couch. Both the Sunset Sherbert and Apple Fritter are looking particularly delectable. Let's go in for a closer look...


Just as suspected, there's a sled load of trichomes on every nook and cranny of this Sunset Sherbert. So much so it looks to be oozing off the bottom of some buds. Ooze is also a word you could use to characterize the aroma it puts off. Somehow its smell will Ooze itself into every room of your house if you're not careful.


An indica-dominant cross of Girls Scout Cookies and Pink Panties that we've encountered numerous times before, this batch is certainly one of the most potent we've come across in a while. The notion that it's locally grown also means you're getting a fresher, less travelled version of this spectacular cultivar as well.


The Apple Fritter specimen was similarly of a high caliber and it's always a great strain to have in your line-up given the sativa influence from its diesel lineage. It's a wonderful daytime toke and one that very often tests to be among the most potent strains in the world.


Note that Apple Fritter also has some award winning aroma and flavor. This batch is prototypical of the cultivar and fulfills the aroma requirement several times over. It's nearly like roasted coffee it's so heavily skunky, earthy, and gassy. The hint of spiced fruit will be the curveball in your exhale, though.


To make for a great daytime/nighttime lineup, roll up the Apple Fritter when it's light, and the Sunset Sherbert at night. This shouldn't be too hard to remember if you think about the Sunset part of the name, right? Part of me also thinks of apple fritters as a breakfast food as well, so maybe you can "bake" that into your regimen. 😂 🤦‍♂️


To get your hands on some of this delectable and highly potent local-grown fire hit up Farm To Couch and place your order today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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