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Super Jack - Athena's Gifts

For those fans of Hazes and the more cerebral sativa's check out this Super Jack from DC recreational (i-71) delivery service Athena's Gifts. It's got an extremely overt Jack Herer aroma full of lemons, anise, and with a hint of mint. So much so when I closed my eyes and took it in there was a strong resemblance to an exotic, effervescent cocktail at some luxurious bar.

Did I mention I'm a huge Jack Herer fan? Well I'm also a huge Super Silver Haze fan and it just so happens that - yes, you guessed it - Super Jack is a cross of Super Silver and Jack Herer. A pure sativa ready to jump into your bong and get your day started as early as you want, she's got creative mental energy for long durations. She's also got an extremely uplifting and motivating high that should be exclusively reserved for daytime use. I personally love both strains, and the combo, for my own digestive pain and issues alone, not to mention the plethora of other benefits.


It's likely that this batch is greenhouse "light dep" meaning that it's sun grown in a relatively well-controlled environment. One of the benefits of this method is that the "fruits" of these harvests are available sporadically across the year and fresh when other options may be older or unavailable. In this case, the buds are large, dense, sticky, and highly pungent because of the technique and the little time passed since harvest. Of course, the freshness of any Jack or Jack cross makes for that much more delectable of a toke.


So hit up DC delivery service Athena's Gifts to grab some of this Super Jack for your own sativa stash today. When you do, don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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