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Super Lemon Haze - Dreamy DC

One of my favorite strains of all time, check out this Super Lemon Haze from our favorite motivational speech and i-71 service, Dreamy DC. It's got enough citrus nose and stimulating sativa-heavy effects to have you leaping tall buildings in a single your mind at least. They don't call it "super" for nothing!


Fluffy and still supple to break up, this batch is particularly frosty. However you decide to toke her you'll get the powerful lemon zest for which she is named in nearly every hit. There are also anise and peppery hues that let you know this stems from the deeper end of the haze gene pool.


An awarding winning crossbreed of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, this runs something like 80/20 on the sativa/indica scale, and you can feel every last drop of that 80 too. I forget just how energetic and creativity inspiring these sativa haze combos can be. In my opinion the Haze influence promotes a highly active mind while the Lemon Skunk fosters energy in the body and limbs - an energetic whole-body high is the result.


This is one strain, and batch, that I can certainly wield to get all my tasks done, my life in order, and still have enough left to get an epic bike ride in. But, even I have to draw the line with this one's potency. Otherwise I might start dawning blue and red spandex with an "S" on the chest. 😂


It's hard to overstate how mindfully energetic this Super Lemon Haze can be and when you pair that with the on-demand motivational speeches from Dreamy DC there's no telling how high your motivation levels can go. To have your own "super" weekend schedule your meetup on the seamless Dreamy app today!

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