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Supreme Cream - The Gift Givers

Strain: Supreme Cream

​Service: The Gift Givers

​Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Supreme Cream is a strain I've gotten the opportunity to smoke in Oregon but hadn't picked up on the East Coast yet. In my experience, it's always has a beautiful frosty look to it, which is true to its genetic background of high resin producing strains. As I plucked the pack from the bag I was surprised to see that it was clear, but wasn't surprised at all to see that a smattering of heavy trichomes were already visible in abundance through the plastic.



Extremely frosty with a lot of dark purple speckles making it appear somewhat similar to a pint of cookies and cream ice cream.


Dense, spear-shaped buds.



Cured well, slightly dry inside.


A vanilla cookie with hints of dark chocolate making it a bit more exotic and sophisticated.



A bite of sweet sugary cookies at first, but the aftertaste was more on the piney side.


Supreme Cream is an indica dominant cross of Cereal Milk and Casino Kush.


Becoming aware of my body, I felt the high creeping in almost instantly. The effects gave me the munchies and made me want to stretch my limbs as far as I could for a deep release of tension. My mind was working quickly and I felt inspired to read and do research on various topics of intrigue. Soon I was in a relaxed and somewhat dreamy state, but was still able to retain lots of information. I really enjoyed the calming, euphoric high of this batch and felt as though it was quite potent.



I've been savoring the powerful little bits of Supreme Cream that I have left. I would definitely pick it up again and I think it worked really well for me from an evening use perspective. Also notable is this strain's ability to add plenty of kief to your grinder and it would be a great option for making hash, if that's what you're into. To add some to your stash box just hit up The Gift Givers today and don't forget to let them know Toker's Guide sent you their way!

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