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Temptations - Heady Club DC

So the lineage for this Temptations from DC recreational (i-71) delivery service Heady Club DC is listed as Ice Cream Cake X Seed Junky's Gelato 41/Sherb Bx1. To the untamed eye that might just look like some kind of equation for a fancy dessert, but in reality it means that we're dealing with a seriously exotic flower specimen here.


We're not exactly sure how she runs, so we're just going to go with balanced, but also immensely stoning. While you can still function deep in the throws of her potent euphoria, the question is: will you want to? Let's be real, she'll make you want to roll up, cozy up, but not fall asleep. Sounds like Netflix time to me!


In aroma, think sweeter than a Cake (the strain), but not as decadent as a fresh, original GSC. In flavor, it's a bit bready and skunky with sugary notes. If a Gelato is creamy and chocolatey in its sweetness remotely like the real gelato treat, this Temptations tempts you with that, plus waffle cone, and add skunk. Consensus is that rolling this up is the way to go to experience this flavor profile correctly, but I still found myself packing the bong with her and had no complaints.


Tempted yet? We can't blame you! Catch this appropriately named Temptations by hitting up the ever impressive Heady Club DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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