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Thin Mintz - Joint Delivery

Check out these Thin Mintz from long-time DC i-71 professionals, Joint Delivery. It's listed as a hybrid and it smokes like one too. After the first bowl my thought patterns were at an unusually high level of focus, but surprisingly I didn't have much added energy. No couch lock either, but I was notably at the intersection of heady high and full body melt. Turns out this strange balance was great for me because it helped curb my anxiety without the jitters you can sometimes get with hybrids that are sativa dominant.


When you first nose dive into these purple speckled buds you get a strong, fresh, grassy scent and light notes of fresh fruit. Reminiscent of white grape or the bright pith of an orange with hints of sage, the full aroma emerges when you break it up.


The smoke comes with an unsweetened graham cracker smell and flavor that's just right for the smoothness of the smoke. The finish is slightly minty which is what must have given rise to the name.


No photo can truly do these buds justice either. Small, bright purple flecks are scattered about with an array of other colors ranging from multi-tone green to the deep purple sugar leaves and brownish-red hairs. Then, to top it off, they're encased in a snow blanket of almost shimmery white trichomes as well. What a beautiful specimen!


To get some for yourself just hit up the well-oiled and punctual customer service machine that is Joint Delivery and place your order today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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