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Toker Vision - Here's What We're Burnin' On This 4/20 in DC

We were inundated with phenomenal buds to review just before our favorite stoner holiday and with no time to spare, and a strong urge to try all of these, we decided we had to get the word out to our audience faster than fast. Therefore, we reached into our bag of tricks and pulled out our soon to be classic Toker Vision format. We may go back and shed some more light on these pretty ladies in the next few days, but with time of the essence, here's the best of the best around and what we're gonna be burning down (today):

Black Cherry Gelato - District Derp

Check out this superb specimen from DC i-71 delivery service, District Derp. A 60/40, slightly indica, crossbreed of Black Cherry Funk and Acai strains we love the creamy, gassy, and all around funkiness of these buds.


...and they're fresh too! Just look at all those frosty trichomes waiting to tickle your senses. They've literally clustered all around in hyper-white mounds and on the inner portions there's a whole lot of twinkle left as starry, resinous, and perfectly ripened resin glands present their best.


There are violet hues strewn throughout and the bud structure is spot on with a still supple texture. We could look at these buds all day, but getting down to brass tacks, what's the buzz they bring like?


Despite the indica lean, we think this "BCG" tokes really well in the daytime too. There's little mental fog and the euphoric feels come with a little "umph" making you feel pretty spectacular doing almost anything that you do.


Hit up District Derp and grab some pup art and a sweet Black Cherry Gelato gift to brighten your whole 4/20 with cozy, mellow - but not couch-locked - vibes.

Toasted Marshmallow - Elevated Lounge DC

A descendant of OG Kush and another mysterious parent thought to be Bubblegum, this is an epic batch of Toasted Marshmallow from DC i-71 storefront Elevated Lounge DC.


The Kush influence has brought out a staggering amount of trichomes and helped yield some beefy, dense buds.


The aroma is sugary sweet with a touch of a candy-like fruit hues, but there's an exotic, almost mystical sense to the flavor that will make you want to keep your eyes closed just to savor the experience a bit longer.


In terms of effects, this has all the hallmarks of a fantastic indica: waves of euphoria, palpable relaxation, a feeling of connectedness, and no trouble getting rest or sleep.


Note that we like this Toasted Marshmellow most in the bong and toward the more horizontal point of the evening. Load up some ice if you have an ice catcher and the hits become even more delicious and silky smooth.


Head to Glover Park area storefront, Elevated Lounge today and grab some Toasted Marshmallow for your festivities.


Lemon Cherry Gelato - Flight Pass

A three-way cross of Sunset Sherbert, Girl Scout Cookies, and another unknown strain, this is some fantastic Lemon Cherry Gelato (LCG) from DC i-71 storefront, Flight Pass.


We're already big fans of this strain and have reviewed it before (delightfully), but this particular batch is something special and one of the best we've seen in recent memory.


Most striking is the super fresh and pungent aroma that will take you aback when you waft it in. It's sure to stink up any space that tries to contain it with almost instant effect.


Definitely go by Flight Pass on U St. sometime soon to get your hands on some of this crazy good LCG.


Fire OG - Farm To Couch

We love Farm To Couch's model - one that is hyper-focused on bringing the best freshness from local small batch harvests. This Fire OG is certainly a fine example of that type of local quality.


An indica-dominant hybrid crossbreed of San Fernando Valley OG (I'm personally a huge SFV fan) and OG Kush that runs 70/30 on the indica/sativa ratio, this strain can have a wildly piney and chem-oriented aroma.


This batch has much of that in nose, but also registers as highly gassy and skunky as well. It WILL make every room in your house wreak of the most chronic smell. But, that same smell transcends into a flavor that makes you want to just keep rolling it up over and over again.


For some tree that more than lives up to the "Fire" in its name, hit up DC i-71 delivery service Farm To Couch ASAP to get your hands on some of this amazing Fire OG!



We hope that you check out these buds and find many other sexy ones this fine holiday. Be safe out there, don't toke anything we wouldn't toke, and from everyone at Toker's Guide have a magnificently merry April 20th, 2022!

PS: Don't forget about our event today at Crooked Run Fermentation in Sterling, VA 4-9pm. Be there!

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