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Toker Vision: Here's What We're Burnin' On This 420 Weekend In DC

Happy Holidaze! Many of DC's friendly neighborhood cannabis vendors are bringing out their best today and throughout the weekend to help everyone celebrate the occasion properly. Therefore, we've gathered not only the best events and deals for you, but also the best buds available in the District right now!


The flowers you'll find below are what the Toker Team and myself will be rolling up and burning down on today and across the weekend. Enjoy!


Khalifa Kush - Elevated Lounge

This is one phenomenal Kush varietal that was selected and bred for Wiz Khalifa himself. It runs indica-heavy and while the exact genetics are kept secret we do know that it's related to an OG Kush cut - hence why it's also known as Khalifa OG.


Despite the indica stance this batch provides an uplifting cerebral high with an immensely euphoric body high and no drowsiness.


Head to one of Elevated Lounge's two storefront locations to grab some of these epic buds for yourself.


Obama Runtz - Flight Pass

Always a crowd pleaser, much like its presidential namesake, this batch of Obama Runtz from DC i-71 storefront Flight Pass has an exquisite nose and flavor. An indica dominant cross of Afghani, OG Kush, and Runtz, it's not hard to understand the potency and pungency.


This one does carry a heavily relaxing and quite sedating high, so best to save it for toking in the evening or when you're ready for pure relaxation.

No motorcade or secret service needed for this Obama's appearance, just head to the Flight Pass storefront today and pick some up.


Bed & Breakfast - Flower Ave

AKA "Breakfast In Bed", this is a super sexy Backpack Boyz creation that's a cross of Coffee Kush and Tang Tang strains. It runs slightly indica dominant and I'm a big fan of not only the crazy heavy trichomes, but also the vibrant uplifting high.


It's also tremendously flavorful in a highly exotic way - kind of like coffee and orange juice in one with notes of pine as well.


To check out this truly awesome tasting and smooth hitting varietal just hit up Flower Ave today.


Bubble Bath - Top Level DC

The super bright neon green and crazy amount of blaze orange hairs let you know that this Bubble Bath cut from storefront, Top Level DC, is something special. It's also only slightly indica dominant so it won't send you horizontal.


It is, however, extremely calming and its sweet, floral, piney, and earthy flavor appealed to the more psychedelic pathways in my brain. Best to roll this one up in the afternoon or evening due to some disorientation.


Overall, an intriguingly delicious flavor and calming, stoney high. Head to Top Level and you can take a Bubble Bath today!


Banana Punch - The Treehouse & Buddha Buddy

This cross of Banana OG and Purple Punch is evenly balanced and packs a tremendous body buzz that is uplifting, euphoric, but also calming. It's a really versatile strain that more or less lets the user steer the high.


Also notable are the freshness, funky sweet citrus nose, and over-sized nature of this hydroponically grown batch of goodness.


You can find it at storefront, The Treehouse, and delivery crew, Buddha Buddy, right now.


Slurty - The Gift Givers

Check out this gorgeous Slurty specimen from DC delivery service, The Gift Givers. It's a cross of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch that runs mostly indica and is known for its sugary sweet and gassy combination of flavors.


This particular batch has a staggering amount of starry and hyper-white trichomes - indicating the freshness - and an aroma that is actually kind of intimidating once you break it up.


Hit up The Gift Givers and you can start getting "Slurty" with it today.


When you visit or reach out to any of the aforementioned establishments don't forget to check for 420 Deals and our Deals Page depending on your timing. We'd also love it if you mentioned that you heard about them on Toker's Guide.

We hope everyone has an absolutely fabulous 4/20 and look forward to seeing you all out there at the events across today and the weekend!

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