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Tokyo Gumdrop - Flower Ave

Strain: Tokyo Gumdrop

​Service: Flower Ave

​Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 9/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts:

It has the kind of mega pungent fruity, sweet, and gassy aroma that you just know is absolute fire before you even lay eyes on it. Then once you do have a gander at her splendor it will only reiterate how spectacular this batch of exotic designer flower truly is. From DC i-71 delivery unit Flower Ave allow me to present Tokyo Gumdrop.



Flecks of purple and lots of frosty white (and starry) trichomes cover these, otherwise, aquamarine and neon green buds.


Fluffy and spear-shaped with gritty, dry texture on the outside and a sponginess on the inside, still. Easy to break up.


Fresh with starry and hyper-white trichomes galore.



Highly pungent. Smells like a pineapple flavored gumdrop with hints of gas and pine.


A complex combination of sweet fruit, pine, and gas.


Tokyo Gumdrop is an exotic, designer-level flower and indica leaning cross of Runtz XO and Garlic Shrimp Girl. Known for its heavily sedating, intense high and absolutely mouthwatering candy-like flavor, it was originally bred by Teds Budz of California.



A heavy head high followed by immense euphoria and relaxation that seems to come in waves. Best for late afternoon and evening time, but not when you have to be functional for any type of cognitive work. Staggeringly potent and not for the newbs.


I'm a huge fan of this batch and it's helping to keep my cabin fever at bay here on this cold and dreary day. It's made writing a bit tougher than usual and I think my motor skills are actually much slower than they would be following a more energetic varietal. Note that I have zero pain and seem to be floating anywhere I need to go slowly, but on cloud nine. Great for bong or joint, we've been picking these up with chopsticks to keep more kief intact and, well, because it does have "Tokyo" in the name. 🥢

To grab some Tokyo Gumdrop for your own connoisseur collection just hit up Flower Ave and place your delivery order today. Don't forget to tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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