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Truffle Joker - HYFE

Strain: Truffle Joker

Service: HYFE

Service Type: DC i-71 Delivery

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

The unknown Truffle Joker strain, procured through DC i-71 marijuana delivery service, HYFE, immediately intrigued my curiosity. It's one of those exotic designer strains of the cannabis world where there's limited information available. With little to no preconceived notions, I embarked on this journey unsure of what direction this strain would take me.



Dark army green buds and a substantial showing of orange pistils along with heavy white and starry trichomes.


Fresh, but starting to cure.


A baked lemon, citrusy scent.



The inhale is nutty and spicy with a hint of lemon. There's also some skunky notes on the exhale.


The Truffle Joker strain has unknown genetics but it doesn't require a cannabis aficionado to speculate that it's likely a cross of Trufflez and Jokerz. Regardless, the team feels that this one is indica-leaning.


The passage of time seemed inconsequential as I zoned out and slipped into my own little world - one full of self reflection and tranquility. Truffle Joker encouraged me to rewind and revisit my past days, weeks, and months noting the positives and negatives of what transpired. While not overwhelmingly sedating, my physical body seemed to become an afterthought and the euphoric body buzz whisked me away. Accordingly, it's probably best to leave this one for evening use.



Truffle Joker is a reminder that there are still hidden strains waiting to be discovered. The legacy market did a great job bringing new strains to light during its reign and I expect nothing less from the specialized craft growers that are becoming more and more dominant in DC. I love the options that HYFE has available but be sure to check out this Truffle Joker because you know it's Toker’s Guide approved. Don’t forget to mention that we sent you!

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