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Truffle - The Green Room

Strain: Truffle

​Service: The Green Room

Market: DC i-71 Storefront

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

​Lean: Balanced Hybrid

Initial Thoughts:

This batch of Truffle (aka Trufflez) from DC i-71 storefront The Green Room has one of the most pungent aroma's I've encountered recently, and seasoned tokers will know this is fire as soon as it hits their nostrils. The heavy trichomes and rich purple hues also tell me these are some great genetics and that it will be a highly potent flower to partake in.



Rich forrest green buds with lime and purple accents. Heavy trichomes that are still starry in places and white in others.


Still fresh but starting to cure.



An intensely pungent flower with an aroma that is hard to place, but something like a combination of gasoline, pine, butter, musk, and something sour (but not fruity).


The mouth on this batch is staggering and a testament to just how dripping in terpenes these buds are. It's a skunky gas with a creamy butteriness that soon turns to pine and savory notes on the exhale. There are also hints of roasted coffee beans at times. This is some exotically delicious flower for sure!



The Truffle cultivar is an indica-dominant hybrid that resulted from the crossing of Zkittlez and Cherry Noir. It's known for its loud aroma and relaxing effects.


Highly potent and full of euphoria, this batch of Truffle makes me want to take a load off and relax. Its flavor makes it perfect for an after dinner treat and its effects are well-suited for that time of day as well. The body buzz seemed to come in waves and my eyes were quite bleary trying to stream some Netflix from my couch. Keep in mind it may have you eating one - or several - late night snacks given the munchies it can induce. Also, if you go overboard you might just end up hibernating the rest of the winter away.🐻💤


Connoisseurs should pick up this Truffle for the immense aroma and exotic mouth appeal, but those who are true indica lovers will want to grab extra just to have it on hand for a while given the delightful effects. Head to The Green Room today to fill your coffers with this and all their other awesome flower. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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