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Uncle Snoop - Flower Ave

Supple and soft to break up with a staggering amount of trichomes covering nearly every nook and cranny, this batch of Uncle Snoop from DC recreational delivery service Flower Ave is what I'm burning on today. And you should be too.


Its nose is full of cream and skunk with notes of sweet kush. When I popped open the container it was one of those experiences where you pull back quickly and look around to see if anyone else just smelled what you did. Then you've gotta go in for another sniff, of course.

In flavor this is very much like a Runtz pheno, but somehow smoother and with a tangy fruitier aftertaste. Actually a cross of Wedding Cake and Sunset Sherbert, in a round about way you have the makings of Runtz from a genetics perspective.


With an average THC level of 29% this is very, very potent and ready to get you bleary-eye stoned with minimal amounts needed. Though it runs indica-heavy at something like 70/30 on the indica/sativa ratio, there's little to no couch-lock and I actually found her to be quite energetic given the lean.


Perhaps most notable is the all encompassing body buzz that seems to bring a relaxed sense of calm to every extremity in any activity you engage in. For me, I even feel a little light on my keyboard right now. I guess I can finally say I "got high with Uncle Snoop", though burning one down with the real deal Snoop (the man) would be the true realization of that dream.

To check out this Uncle Snoop strain for yourself just hit up Flower Ave today and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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