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Watermelon Gelato - Dreamy DC

The coloration of this Watermelon Gelato from DC motivational speech delivery and i-71 service, Dreamy DC, is something to behold. The buds are far more purple than green, but somehow it does make you think of watermelon when you waft in some of the intense aroma. It certainly has strong, more traditional Gelato notes - a blend of creaminess and a savory skunkyness. Yet, the longer you inhale the more the fruitier side of this strain will become apparent.


An indica dominant hybrid with Gelato 45 and Watermelon Zkittles as parents, you might expect this to be not only packed with intense flavor, but also mega potent in terms of effects as well. And you'd be right. This batch has an innate ability to immediately wash away all the stresses of the day and wrap you in a snuggly blanket of a body high for hours on end.


While sticky with starry trichomes on the inside, these buds are still easily rolled in your favorite paper and will provide a highly exotic, but remarkably smooth toke. Many Gelato's can take a strikingly gassy or intensely pronounced earthy flavor when smoked, but we like how this one skews more toward the fruity/creamy side of the palate. This fruity distinction is especially apparent in my flower-oriented vape.


Kudos to Dreamy DC for their recent write up in The Washington Post! We knew how interesting and serendipitous the content and timing of their speeches could be. We were psyched to hear others reflect on the positive impact of their experiences with them as well.

To showcase some of these Watermelon Gelato buds in your own collection just hit up Dreamy DC and schedule your motivational speech session today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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