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White Runtz - Buddha Buddy DC

As our buddy Buddha sat beneath the bodhi tree seeking enlightenment through meditation, a light rain began to fall from the sky. Onlookers gasped, fearful that the pitter patter of raindrops on Buddha’s head would break his meditation thereby keeping enlightenment just out of humanity’s reach yet again. Just when all hope seemed lost, a large cobra appeared from the brush and silently crept along Buddha’s back. The cobra rose up and over Buddha’s head and spread its majestic hood, blocking the irksome raindrops so that Buddha could continue his mighty meditation uninterrupted.

A small but significant miracle had occurred! Luminous beings helped one another to avoid one of life’s little annoyances so they could accomplish something together!!

Just like the cobra was there to help our buddy Buddha deal with the raindrops, so shall Buddha Buddy help Tokers throughout the land! Case in point, they graciously gifted our team of tenacious Tokers with a beautiful sample of White Runtz so we could find some much needed relief from some of our own annoyances of life.


A beautifully balanced and rare hybrid strain, White Runtz crosses the famous Gelato and Zkittlez to yield a potent 50/50 indica/sativa split. This robust hybrid boasts a THC percentage averaging 23-24%, helping Tokers in their quest for enlightenment with its long lasting and relaxing highs. Tokers everywhere have found some much needed relief from anxiety, chronic pain, and stress thanks to this miraculous herb. White Runtz has an earthy and sweetly citrusy nose that precedes the delicious fruit flavors ready to dance seductively across your eager palate.


Having a particularly harrowing week busy dodging what life what throwing down at me, Buddha Buddy’s gracious gift was just the shelter that I needed from a seemingly never-ending storm of stress. I vaped, I pulled tubes, I twisted up. The flavor alone was a welcome treat, and I immediately felt relaxed and uplifted. It was a long-lasting high that was potent, yet not at all anxiety inducing.


Buddha Buddy is all about the vibes! I feel safe, welcomed, and taken care of whenever I meet with this wonderful provider. We’re so excited to continue our quest for enlightenment knowing that Buddha Buddy is here to shield us from the rain! Both of the feature strains we’ve had the pleasure to explore have dominated our palates, and the samples always seem to disappear almost as fast as we get them! Literally, as I’ve typed, I’ve realized that I’m all out! I can’t wait to see what this exquisite provider gifts us with next! Let us know what you think in the comments section! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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Michael Hood
Michael Hood
05 de out. de 2023

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