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Zkittles - District Derp

With a tangy mixture of lime and cherry backed by skunky undertones, this is some incredibly pungent Zkittles now available from DC recreational (i-71) delivery service, District Derp. This is a "must roll" exotic in our book and when ground and toasted properly it can deliver what seems like a whole rainbow of funky fruity vibes. So come on and taste this rainbow - It IS pride month after all! 🌈😤


A couple of the buds even had an array of colors, much like a rainbow, with blues, purples, and bright greens. Of course, the trichome coverage was also fantastic and mostly frosty. If you break these buds down by hand definitely expect a healthy amount of kief to be left on your rolling tray. Pro tip: pick up a grinder with a fine screen in the bottom for collecting the beautiful fallen trichomes every time you grind up some fire like this.


This mostly indica varietal (70/30) is a cross of classic fruit forward strains Grape Ape and Grapefruit that will give you a range of good feels from a stout head buzz to a warm and relaxing body-coating euphoria. It's easy to see why this strain won the coveted Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in 2015, and this is certainly an exemplary batch.


To grab some Zkittles for yourself and share the rainbow with everyone (or whomever you choose) this Pride Month, just hit up our favorite pup art delivery service, District Derp, ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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