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Zruntz - Joint Delivery

If you take Zkittles and cross it with Gelato #33, then take the resulting offspring and back cross it with Zkittles, you'll get the super duper version of Runtz known as Zruntz. Smoother, creamier, and with all the stoney Gelato feels but none of the couch-lock, you gotta get your hands on some of this epic designer level tree from DC i-71 delivery extraordinaires, Joint Delivery.


It's been cured to bring out the best in cannabinoids and for a more refined toke. For me it possessed an astoundingly complex flavor profile, followed by an immediate head rush of euphoric elation. That rush soon rounded out to the rest of my body and the sheer potency made all of my joints and bones feel like they were glowing in delight.


Cracking the buds open, or just getting a closer look in general, you can see that the quality of trichomes, maturity of bracts, and all around robustness are all clearly indicative of a nearly

immaculate level of cultivation. The effort and technique involved were most clearly of the highest caliber.


Besides complexity of aroma and flavor, one should also consider the complexity of the coloration. I think we have close to every color of the rainbow represented, which is comparatively much more elaborate than your ordinary Runtz tends to be. Yes, tokers, Zruntz are a true "level up" and a luxury option - this batch is a shining example of that notion.


To get your designer pack of the sure to be famous Zruntz hit up Joint Delivery today. Don't forget to tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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