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Apple Fritter - DC Dash

Top of the morning tokers! Wanted to draw your attention, if I may, to a batch of Apple Fritter that just landed at i-71 delivery phenoms DC Dash. A frequent recipient of accolades and awards back in 2016 (High Times Strongest Strain List, Nor Cal Medical Cannabis Cup 2nd Place for Hybrid Flower, etc.) the strain is consistently found to be one of the strongest in the world, often running in the 28-32% THC range.


She's a cross of Sour Diesel crossbreed Sour Apple (another one of my favs) and Animal Cookies. This yields what many call a 50/50 hybrid, but what I say leans more toward the sativa end of the spectrum. There's certainly a "driving" and persistent nature to the high and it's one with great mental and physical energy throughout.


Yet, the potency levels and GSC influence mean that it brings an incredibly strong body buzz as well. Back in the day we used to roll up sour diesel and GSC together to get the nice cross buzz going. Apple Fritter is basically that, but all in one package. For all these reasons, this is a top cultivar on my running list, and I seek it out whenever available.


This particular batch, while a little more pressed from packaging than preferred, cracks open like a geode revealing some incredible crystalline trichome structures and, of course, a waft of its mega pungent aroma. With notes of sour fruit, fresh ground coffee, and diesel-like gassiness, its an olfactory joyride to grind up this bud - or just to open the pack for that matter.


The smoke is great, but note some harshness is unavoidable given the potency. Therefore, I like to throw this in a nice icy cold bong to minimize the harshness and maximize the flavor profile. Either way, you will likely cough when you hit this - now you can't say I didn't warn you!

To get your hands on some of this Apple Fritter give DC Dash a shout today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for 15% off your order (with promo code "TOKERS")!

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