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Biscotti - DC Dash

From super fast and friendly DC i-71 service, DC Dash, comes this batch of Biscotti. If you're not familiar with Biscotti it's a three-way cross of Gelato #25, GSC, and South Florida OG that leans heavily indica (80/20). While we don't recommend stirring your coffee with this type of biscotti, you can certainly stir up your nighttime routine given its powerfully euphoric effects.


With a great nose that's actually quite reminiscent of the Italian style cookie which often accompanies coffee, there are notes of vanilla, cream, and a touch of nuttiness. The aroma passes through to the flavor well, but there's certainly a bit of spice on the exhale, almost like nutmeg.


The staggering indica effects produced by these buds are for real and couch-lock is definitely in the cards. But, managed incrementally, you can get a fantastic body buzz that will endure for hours. Expect to be mellow and glassy-eyed with an increased desire to bask in the sun or lounge on the couch. One might even become the lounge lizard of your local coffee shop, with some Biscotti in tow.


So, if you're looking for a great indica to add to your coffers, just hit up DC i-71 delivery service DC Dash today and grab some of this Biscotti. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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