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Candy Kush - Farm To Couch

We got our hands on some pretty epic Kush from DC i-71 delivery service, Farm To Couch, recently and we're psyched to share it with you all. If you don't know about Farm To Couch yet, they're gifting some really fresh local cut organic buds and we've become big fans of their approach.


A 60/40 indica heavy cross of OG Kush and Blue dream, this batch has all the euphoric feels that any Kush lover could want, but still affords an active mind without drowsiness. It's pretty great for a low key Sunday full of football and relaxation.


As the name implies, this one is quite the sweet, sugary, mouthwatering batch. Many Kushes are often times earthy and exotic in aroma and flavor, seeming like they might have originated in a high Himalayan sherpa village of Tibet. This Kush is like if a strain hunter had climbed up to said village and found the end of the Skittles rainbow with a field of great pot below it.


To get your hands on some of this delectable Candy Kush hit up Farm To Couch ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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