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Chem Glue by Alt Sol - Takoma Wellness Center

As a big fan of the strain Chem Glue, and an especially big fan of DC craft cultivator Alt Sol's version of the flower, I was sad to hear that they may not be renewing it for subsequent harvests. That's right, if you love this Chem Glue, probably a good idea to go ahead and fill your satchel with as much as they'll allow ASAP. Coincidentally, you can do just that at DC medical marijuana dispensary, Takoma Wellness Center. 🤙


An indica-heavy hybrid cross of Chem Dawg and Gorilla Glue, this is a tiny bit more balanced for me than the 70/30 ratio would otherwise imply. Call me a wild man, but I like to mellow out with this one right before lunchtime so I can shed the stress from the early part of my day and absolutely hammer some excellent food. Of course, she's also great at night and possesses a euphoric full-body high for all the cozy comfort you can soak up.


In aroma, there are strong notes of sour citrus and pine with hints of gas and sweet orange peel - most definitely as complex as it sounds. These all seem to translate well and with renewed intensity to the flavor which, frankly, makes it hard to put down the bong. I would certainly recommend this batch in the bong as well. The bold flavor and surprising smoothness are profound complements to each other, and the initial all-encompassing body rush is just lovely.


To grab some if this phenomenal Alt Sol Chem Glue, perhaps for the last time, just head to Takoma Wellness Center ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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