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Darwin Farms' Cherry Trufflez - Top Secret DC

Every once in a while I stumble upon a bag that catches my eye so well that I just have to grab it and take a closer look. Often times that bag, and its artful design, is far better than than its contents. With these Cherry Trufflez, by Darwin Farms and available from DC i-71 delivery and pickup legends, Top Secret DC, the amazingness that you get on the outside of the bag is a good match for that which is within.


Thought to be a slightly indica-heavy crossbreed of White Cherry Truffle (Chemdog X Cherry Lime X Highland Afghan) and Zkittlez, the bouquet is astoundingly creamy and fruity very much like the aroma of a newly opened tub of cherry ice cream. Said cherry is spot on for black cherry notes in aroma as well - how complex and exotic is that?


In flavor, the cherry doesn't pass through as much as the creaminess, but it is present along with sweet skunky undertones. While it could be slightly fresher, it's likely that the aroma and flavor would not have been as mature and distinctly black cherry without a proper cure. Yet, the trichomes are still white and healthy as in the image above.


Besides aroma and flavor, the most exotic aspect of these buds is their startling hue of purple. What greens exist are nearly aquamarine and seem like veins among all the wild lavenders and violets. When you break it up, the mixture of all these colors lets you know just how exotic this batch is, esp. in contrast to anything else you might be rolling up beside it.


But, let's just pause for a second and look at how damn stoned the iguana on the pack (seen above) truly is. I mean look at those eyes! I bet he's thinking about how Darwin did not have this type of situation in mind at all when he visited the island so long ago. Or did he?!? 🤔


Luckily you don't have to voyage halfway around the earth to find this exotically evolved creation. Instead, just hit up Top Secret DC ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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