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Dirty Sprite - Joint Delivery

Greetings Tokerverse! Happy Saturday! I hope you're all enjoying the beautiful weather and getting a chance to go out and wander (while practicing social distancing still, of course). Today I'm SO freaking stoked to welcome Joint Delivery to the Toker's Guide community! They are a great DC I-71 company that has clearly put an exceptional amount of thought, time, and energy into perfecting their overall customer experience. That goes for optimizing their physical operations as well as their service-oriented technology - a fact which was made abundantly apparent during my behind-the-scenes tour. From their online portal to their delivery tracking and logistics I have to say that, through a technology lens, they are the most advanced shop I've seen in the DC I-71 scene to date. Very impressive work.

...And their gifts are amazing too! In fact, given the caliber of gifts Joint Delivery graciously handed me for review, and their overt commitment to customer service, I was eager to add them to our current Top Five DC Services list at the number 4 spot. I think that speaks volumes about them and I'm confident you'll see why they are well-worthy of the praise.

The first up of their outstanding gifts that I had the opportunity to review is the following (glorious) specimen of Dirty Sprite...

Dirty Sprite is a sativa-heavy hybrid and crossbreed of Arcata Lemon Wreck - a Trainwreck hybrid - and Cinderella 99. Now if you've been reading Toker's Guide long you know that I'm really into the hazy sativa's. Well, Trainwreck is a blend of Mexican and Thai landrace sativa's that are both in the lineage of many hazes. Additionally, the Cindy (one of my all time favorites btw) is a cross of Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk - the Jack also being of haze influence. Needless to say, with all the haze characteristics and so many of my favored strains in the heredity, I was very excited to give this strain a try.

The first thing you'll discover about this bud is the super pungent piney-ness. It's aroma is soon noticeably more complex, however, with notes of citrus fruits and a subtle sweetness. The cure of the batch is also very evident by the lingering skunky vibe that begins to cling to

pretty much everywhere you've gone with it. Keep this one air tight if you don't want the whole complex knocking at your door, people!

From top to bottom she's grown and cured to perfection. It's fresh and pliable, the structure is fully mature, the trichome coverage is absurd. You might even say the "dirty" in the name is an ode to the crazy amount of sheer kief that comes off this stuff.

When smoked, she's a total treat. You have the obvious piney and citrusy flavors, but an earthy undertone also presents itself. In the vape, the very complex and, in a way, shocking burst of effervescent lemon, pine, and sweetness is not unlike the carbonated beverage of similar name.

Overall, Dirty Sprite is a really phenomenal gift from excellently operated Joint Delivery here in DC. It's literally what I've been toking on all day. To get your own I suggest you give them a shout and set up a delivery asap! AND for $10 off give them promo code "TokersGuide"!


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