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District Flowers Disposable Vape Cart - Buddha Buddy DC


I'm pretty into these new disposable vape carts made by District Flowers and available from our friends at DC i-71 delivery outlet, Buddha Buddy DC. When I typically think of disposables, I'm admittedly a little taken aback at first. I'm used to the little 510 threaded carts and I typically prefer live resin ones whenever possible. That said, these particular ones are damn good for being distillate. The re-introduction of cannabinoids and terpenes after the extraction process seems to be the present modus operandi and, in this case, I think it worked out really well.

The Green Crack is by far my favorite, with some great sativa vibes and a flavor that is strikingly similar to my memory of the last time I toked on this cultivar. My second favorite is the Northern Lights and, with this one, you can immediately sense the intensity of indica effects that are going to be levied upon you. Last, and certainly not lease, is the Biscotti. It's not that I didn't like this one - I most certainly did - it's that the others had slightly preferable flavor for me. Who knows, you might like the Biscotti one the most.

Holler at Buddha Buddy DC today and grab some of these, simple, covert, delectable, and surprisingly powerful disposable carts for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for something extra special!

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