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Forbidden Fruit Cake - gLeaf, Colonial Heights (VA Medical)

Strain: Forbidden Fruit Cake

Market: VA Medical Cannabis

Overall Rating: 8.3/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Initial Thoughts

One of my favorite parts about cannabis is how specific terpene profiles recreate scents that are already so familiar to us. In this case, Forbidden Fruit Cake has one of the most instantly recognizable scents. Pulling heavy from its grandparent, Tangie, this strain smells like a bushel of oranges with freshly squeezed orange juice poured over top of them - very citrusy and fruit forward for sure. I was able to get my hands on this Seed and Strain cultivated varietal at gLeaf's new location in Colonial Heights, Virginia. They recently opened and are ready to serve the nearby areas of Hopewell, Prince George, and Petersburg as well. Let's go VA!



These sparkling buds are shining with trichomes and are mostly shades of darker and lighter green. Spots of purple are polka dotted randomly throughout, and the few pistils that are present are a dark burnt orange.


Smaller but solid and dense buds.


Dried, cured, and stored correctly.



A heavy orange aroma instantly fills the room after opening the jar. It’s a very distinct smell and is pleasant on the nose.


The flavor is on par with the aroma. It tastes like oranges and leaves a sweet citrus aftertaste.


Forbidden Fruit Cake is a indica dominant hybrid cross of Wedding Cake and Forbidden Fruit, but, in my experience with this batch the effects are notably more balanced than the indica lean might suggest.



Users can expect to feel happy and extra giggly. I caught myself laughing at nothing a few times and almost everything was funny to me. My happy mood remained constant while a light uplifting feeling took over my body. These long lasting and lingering effects kept me settled for a while and didn’t have me rushing back to re-medicate.


From my experience you can never go wrong when it comes to a wedding cake crossbreed, but in this case the added orange citrus zest makes it even more worthwhile. Seed and Strain did an awesome job sourcing the genetics on this one and I hope it's one they keep accessible because the smells and flavors are worth it for everyone to experience.

I love the fact that gLeaf is expanding its presence in its respective health district. With the addition of their newest dispensary in Colonial Heights we will see more patients gaining access to the medicine we all know and love. I’m hoping eventually the Board of Pharmacy will approve and allow additional dispensaries in each health district to help boost competition. Until then, I'll just remain happy that our choices are expanding. When you head over to gLeaf to pick-up some Forbidden Fruit Cake for yourself don't forget to let them know you heard about it here on Toker's Guide!


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