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G74 - Top Secret DC

Okay, okay - we brag a lot about how great the Top Secret DC flower is, but how can we not when they give us stuff like this? This Gelato 74 hybrid we just got to try was completely out of this world and insanely strong - it sent this mostly sativa smoking fan straight to ice cream dream land.


A cross of the already legendary Gelato #33 and Gelato #41 this perfectly cultivated and expertly cured designer flower is originally produced by the notorious Deep East Farms (#deofarms) and each slice comes in it’s own official G74 Deep East bag. Note that you can even tell the pure quality of these bags by their thickness and softness. They are supple to the touch and you can’t see through them (less chance of light degradation).


In flavor, this batch is sweet, piney and earthy with notes of citrus upon the inhale. The exhale and after taste leave a nice lingering lavender scent. I’d say the flavor was extremely on point and I didn’t get sense that this had been overly cured or oxidized - it was just right.


Regarding effects, the one-hit test gave this Gelato 74 an A++ with its fast-acting on-set and extremely sedative properties. Immediately after ripping this guy from a bong I was literally on the floor. So high. Couldn’t move. Couldn’t think. Then, after what felt like two hours but was really just two minutes, I regained my sense of self and was able to reconnect with reality. This, of course, all makes sense given that both of the parents of this strain are indica leaning, known euphoric powerhouses, and have a tendency to couch lock those who have been focusing more on the sativa end of the spectrum.

After finishing the rest of my hit I made a solid attempt to write this review, but honestly....this one sent me right to bed, no bath, no bedtime story, no blankie, no nothin’! It’s my own damn fault too. I should have known from its dense, sticky trichomes and deep purple color. It definitely looks dangerous, intoxicating and magnificently stupering - and it IS. Maybe not one for a full pack in the binger so soon after dinner. At least I slept like a baby!

I’d also say another pretty obvious indication that this scoop of Gelato-esque flower was about to wreck me, was the amount of kief these nugs were covered in. There’s a seriously significant amount of kief here - enough to restock my grinder supply across the next few days of use for sure.


Overall, I had a lovely experience with this G74 strain once I got more acclimated to its indica strength. I would strongly recommend respecting said strength and easing into it during nighttime use at first. Other than that, don’t wait, go get your scoop of G74 from Top Secret DC today! They're truly one of the best DC I-71 weed delivery services 🤙

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1 Comment

terza kappa
terza kappa
Jun 28, 2022

Smoking that right now. I'm gettin' so high in so few minutes. it's s very good.

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