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Grandi Guava - The Gift Givers

Strain: Grandi Guava

Service: The Gift Givers

Service Type: DC I-71 Delivery Service

Overall Rating: 8.8/10

Lean: Indica Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Currently available from famed DC i-71 delivery service, The Gift Givers, this Grandi Guava strain is a Grandiflora creation that i've been wanting to try. It's a distinguished Gelato cross that's known for its complex, exotic aroma and flavor profile - one of cheese and tropical fruit combined. 🧀🌴



A mix of green and purple with a heavy layer of large white trichomes on the outside and glistening trichomes on the inside.


Starting to cure.


Cheesy, earthy and floral with hints of tropical fruit.



Tart fruit with cream cheese and hints of pepper.


The Grandi Guava strain leans slightly indica and is a cross of Guava and Gelato originally bred by Oakland California's "premier luxury cannabis brand", Grandiflora.


Grandi Guava's effects set in quickly with an exhilarating head high that adds a happy-go-lucky pep to your step, initially. As the euphoria begins to flow down to the rest of the body things become more mellow and calm. Overall, it acts more balanced than you might find with traditional indica's and has mood enhancing qualities.



For a new, tropically exotic spin on Gelato, with genetics hailing from one of the country's best breeders, check out this Grandi Guava. I know i'll be enjoying its joyously heady buzz all weekend long, and you can too. Just hit up The Gift Givers ASAP to have it delivered to your door and don't forget to tell them you heard about it on Toker's Guide!

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