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Gruntz - Top Secret DC

Updated: May 7, 2021

Many of you are familiar with Runtz - the now infamous cross of flavor and potency powerhouses Zkittles and Gelato. You may also be familiar with the similarly flavorful cross of Gelato #41 and Triangle Kush called Gushers. But, do you know about Gruntz? This is, of course, the crossbreed of Runtz and Gushers. It's a veritable who's who of fruity candy-themed terp monsters...and you can get it right now at Top Secret DC.


While running pretty close to 50/50, there is still a slight indica skew with this batch, but I think it's a good thing in that it leads to more juiciness from the Gushers side of the house (it runs slightly more indica).


Note: You will go through an interesting olfactory journey with this upon opening the bag. The first notes you encounter are certainly skunky with a hint of coffee, even. Yet, as you continue to inhale the fruitiness oozes through. Then, just when you think the tour is over, here comes the Gelato influence with a creamy, chocolatey finish. The complexity of flavor is truly worthy of the finest palate. BTW, it's been a while since I've recommended a beverage pairing. For me this goes excellently with a mezcal old fashioned - one of my "go-to's". The smokiness of the mezcal intertwined with the multitude of bold flavors from the bud creates an exquisite aftertaste you have to try (if you're into smoky, boozy, cocktails that is).


In terms of appearances and structure, this bud is cultivated nearly to the highest level. The trichome coverage is great, but I wouldn't say "thick"...and that's ok. Sometimes the methods to achieve, and even the actual over-presence of, trichomes can lead to a sacrifice in flavor. I don't believe the cultivator "let-off" for this purpose though. It's more likely that he/she/they were simply enamored with the beauty of her colas and decided there was no need for further "assistance". In either case, well-done. I think this specimen actually does well to represent an ideal balance between natural beauty, power, and flavor. You could say it's a pure example of the breed in that sense.

Overall, partaking in this bud is the epitome of connoisseur-level experience. I can say this on flavor alone, but the effects are as heady and euphoric as you'd expect from our top ranked DC I-71 service, Top Secret DC. To think, it's not even technically on their "top shelf". To get your own bag, give them a shout today!

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