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Ice Cream Cake & God's Breath - DC Dash

We're covering some true indica-dominant heavyweights today from the District's i-71 delivery pro's DC Dash. Hold them next to each other and they are starkly different. One is deeply purple with a tremendous amount of fiery orange hairs. The other is so lime green it might as well glow in the dark (it doesn't, we tried), but with beautiful purple tipped sugar leaves and only a sparse amount of hairs. Will these two completely different looking buds also have different effects? Or, despite their differing appearances, could they actually end up being similar tokes in the end? Run out now and grab some for yourself...or keep reading and we'll elaborate.


First off let me just say that God's Breath runs staggeringly Indica heavy (90/10) and is also known to be robust in the potency department often testing in excess of 27% THC. In it's lineage it has notoriously sought after indica powerhouses Grandaddy Purp (GDP) and OG Kush. We're not sure which specific cut of OG Kush went into this pheno, but as big fans of most OG's and even bigger fans of GDP, we didn't spend too long thinking about it. How could we? Look at this amazing bud - gotta put it to the use God gave it to us for!


Though Ice Cream Cake, a cross of newer Cookie lineage strains Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake, is thought of as only 75% in favor of indica on the hybrid spectrum, its entourage of effects are so sedative you might say it leans even further toward the God's Breath's stance. The euphoric "tingles" were a little more pronounced in the Ice Cream Cake, and the mystic mind-melding mental state was more pronounced with the God's Breath, but overall the two cultivars ended up being remarkably similar all effects considered.


Note that I also found both of these buds to be exceptionally helpful with aches and pains, especially those of the lower back and knees. I spend a lot of time running and it takes a toll on both of these areas, so for me sampling these indica heavies was just right for the end of the day when I definitely needed some relief.


Ultimately, the biggest difference in these buds outside of their sexy looks is their flavor and aroma. The God's Breath is exotically kushy, as if from the den of a high Himalayan village, with hints of berries and nuts. The Ice Cream Cake is much more fruit forward and, you guessed it, creamy. In either case, they make for delectable tokes and each's flavor profile is uniquely fitting.


...but don't just take my word for it, hit up i-71 delivery service DC Dash asap and make the comparison for yourself. Note that right now you can get a whopping 15% off your order with promo code "TOKERS".

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