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Ice Cream Cake - Hi There DC

Just to let you know, this Ice Cream Cake from DC recreational delivery service Hi There DC is not an icy cold confection as its name would suggest. Yes, while it is creamy and somehow resembles actual ice cream in aroma and flavor, it will not give you a brain freeze, nor will it make you shiver and go looking for your sweater in an overly air-conditioned room. That said, it could totally pass as dessert given its delectable flavor and aftertaste.

A cross of Gelato 33 and Wedding Cake, its flavorful experience should come as no surprise, but did you know that it's an indica-heavy hybrid running something like 75/25 on the indica sativa spectrum? So while it may not cool you down, it can help chill you out with its dramatically calming and meditative indica effects.


In fact, I must say, this one was handed to me because I happened to mention how well yoga goes with indicas. While I didn't select it myself, there are no complaints from me - just a thank you for this delicious treat to savor and, of course, review. Can't frown at a sweet batch of bud, gotta roll those blues away - and I do mean roll. Finding a paper and giving this batch a proper home in a coned out "j" is the only way to get the truly fantastic flavor to come out to the fullest extent.


My friend called it "old school fluffy" in reference to its structure, and he does have a point. It's rotund, but puffy and sponge-like. I joked that it was almost portly - but my friend protested my descriptor. He said they were beautiful no matter what their weight. (lol...he's one of the good ones, amirite?) Later on, though, he said the weight mattered after all when I tried to trade him some other flower? What's up with that? 😂


Regardless, if you're looking for a mega delicious indica to roll up and chill out on this weekend hit up Hi There DC and grab some of this Ice Cream Cake for your own stash. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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